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Posted workers: better protection and fair conditions for all

Workers posted in another EU country have to get the same remuneration, including bonuses, as local workers. New draft rules to ensure that posted workers are better protected and fair competition for companies were adopted by the Employment and Social Affairs Committee with 32 votes to 8 and 13 abstentions.

The main changes agreed by MEPs concern remuneration, duration of the posting and temporary agencies.

For more information read: press release

Monsanto papers and glyphosate
MEPs discussed the EU risk assessment of the herbicide glyphosate in light of the so-called “Monsanto Papers” with experts in a public hearing. They discussed the scientific basis for the risk assessment of glyphosate and the alleged influence of industry representatives on this assessment in the US and the EU. Leaked internal Monsanto emails suggest that the scientific assessment of glyphosate might have been influenced by the company.

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Sakharov Prize 2017: meet the finalists

The finalists for this year's Sakharov Prize have been announced. The laureate will be selected on 26 October by the President and the political group leaders.

Aura Lolita Chavez Ixcaquic and The Democratic Opposition in Venezuela, the Swedish- Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak have been named as this year's finalists for Parliament's Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought following a vote by the foreign affairs and development committees on 10 October.

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