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Using this website

My Basket and My Personal Workspace

  • Registration to the website is requested in order to download video, photos and audio.
  • Choose a media asset and click on the cart icon under the thumbnail.
  • Click on "My basket" under your registered name (on the top right side of the page)
  • Select the resolution and language -if available- of the asset and click on the green button at the bottom of the page "Send to my personal workspace"
  • A pop up page opens to alert you that your assets are being processed and you will receive a mail by noreply@audiovisual.europarl.europa.eu (check your spam!)
  • The mail directs you to your Personal workspace (which you can access also by clicking on your registered name and selecting it in the drop down menu). Double click on the "Order" folder to open the files and complete the asset Download.
My lightboxes
  • A Lightbox gives a user the possibility to create media packages of assets - as a result of a thematic search for example or with different types of media, videos, audios and photos, on the same or a variety of topics - and share them by email.
  • Registration and login are required to create a Lightbox package and/or browse its content.
  • Select items and click on the lightbulb next to the cart icon.
  • Give a name to your Lightbox and add as many different items as you wish.
  • Once you have saved your Lightbox, open the drop down menu of your  registered name and open "my Lightboxes".
  • Chose the one that you created and, before sending it, you can further review your selection of items, then click on Share.
  • You can send the same Lightbox to a number of different mail addresses by spacing email addresses with a semi colon.
  • Lightboxes are stored permanently in the users' profile on the AV website, unless the user removes them manually.