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Audiovisual Services for Media

Providing Content & Facilities :

The Audiovisual Unit supports journalists covering parliamentary activities providing both content and technical facilities for video, radio and photo production.

- Content :

        -  Plenary sessions: live coverage and recording (satellite and streaming)

        -  Committee meetings (live streaming and VOD)

        -  Video News, Infoclips & Stockshots on the EU satellite service EbS

        -  Audio recordings & podcasts

        -  Photo reportages

        -  Media Library - All footage is stored in the Audiovisual Unit archives, also available to journalists.

- Video & Radio Facilities :

The AV Unit also offers, both in Strasbourg and Brussels, the following audiovisual facilities, free of charge, with the necessary human support :

        -  Broadcast TV : TV studios for recorded and live TV programs; live positions duplex with MEPs and live reports; mobile ENG crews.

        -  Multimedia : stand up video recordings for interviews and short statements with teleprompter; multimedia studios for multi-camera recorded or web live radio transmissions (streaming, Skype, or Google Hangout) debates and interviews. 

        -  Radio professionals : several radio studios for live radio transmissions via ISDN or IP and recordings, hostings up to eight people; multi-camera studios for filmed radio programmes (recording and streaming)

        -  Distribution : via FTP/satellite/copy to any support.

MEPs too can avail of some specially tailored services, including a fast and efficient photo service and a multimedia area - the VoxBox - situated at the heart of the EP buildings, where interviews and messages can be recorded for the web or for transmission.

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