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News Alert - 14-11-2017
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The value of e-commerce in the EU is growing, but its full potential still remains untapped. Only 15% of consumers buy online from another EU country and 8% of companies sell cross-border.

Being able to buy and sell products and services online has generated many opportunities. Consumers benefit from more choice, even if they live in peripheral regions. And companies big or small can reach a wider customer base. But electronic commerce in the EU is not functioning as smoothly as it could. As a result, consumers and retailers are missing out on opportunities. Why? It is often too complicated and too expensive.
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  1. Plenary session - Debate on online shopping: protection of consumer rights    14/11/2017

EU-wide rules to better protect consumers from scams and detect and stop rogue traders more swiftly will be debated and put to a final vote on Tuesday.

  1. Vote in IMCO for the enforcement of consumer protection laws    21/03/2017

National authorities would have more powers to enforce consumer rights, e.g. by checking whether websites geo-block consumers or to order the taking down of websites that host scams, under draft rules to be voted by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO). These aim to tackle the most common practices harming online consumers, from abuse of online games for children to unfair contract terms for renting cars.
Rapporteur: Olga SEHNALOVÁ (S&D, CZ)