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The Hotline provides assistance to broadcast professionals in their search for news coverage and TV programmes on Europe. We help journalists get the information they need, whether it be video, audio or photo coverage of European Parliament activities.  We also guide journalists in finding archive footage. Fast and efficient delivery of service is a priority.

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Andrea Zanoni: 2014-03-14T16:09:40.000+0100 (status) Sarò a Padova per la Global March for Lions. In Piazza della Frutta a Padova, sabato 15 marzo, incontrerò i... http://t.co/lThrw4Wx9F
@Europarl_sv : 2014-03-14T16:04:08.000+0100 (status) Vad handlar dataskyddsreformen som #EP röstade igenom i onsdags om? Alla svar i vårt blogginlägg på #HuffPost @ http://t.co/UrFnRJeVtp
European Parliamentary Research Service: 2014-03-14T16:03:50.000+0100 (status) Despite the crisis, the EU tourist industry has proved resilient with numbers of tourist trips remaining high http://t.co/7Az5Arj4Xt
Gianni Pittella: 2014-03-14T16:03:32.000+0100 (status) .@GiovanniToti Non è paura, è rispetto delle regole (art. 4 Severino, raccomandazione PE): N-O-N S-I P-U-Ò! http://t.co/JOgIXkv8UI
@Europarl_CS : 2014-03-14T16:03:09.000+0100 (status) #Rozpocet EU: kolik jde do které zeme a na co? Odkud tyto peníze pocházejí? Interaktivní mapa http://t.co/Dk0HF4NTzx http://t.co/PiLi3fMZHu