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Investment Plan

News Alert - 12-12-2017
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Since the global economic and financial crisis, the EU has been suffering from low levels of investment. Collective and coordinated efforts at European level are needed to reverse this downward trend and put Europe on the path of economic recovery.

The Investment Plan focuses on removing obstacles to investment, providing visibility and technical assistance to investment projects and making smarter use of new and existing financial resources. To achieve these goals, the plan is active is three areas: mobilising investments of at least €315 billion in three years; supporting investment in the real economy; creating an investment friendly environment
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  1. Plenary session: Debate on extension of the duration of the EU investment plan    12/12/2017

The European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI), which has helped economic recovery, will be prolonged until 2020 and topped up with extra money to finance more projects that promise the best economic and social returns in the EU member states, according to a new law to be put to the vote on Tuesday.

  1. Debate on mid-term review of the Investment Plan    08/06/2016

The first results of the European Commission's ‎€315 billion investment plan for Europe is debated on Wednesday morning with Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen. Most of the EU co-financed projects so far lined up to boost jobs and growth are in France, the UK, Italy and Germany.