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1 - The website and registration


Launched to specifically meet the demands of media professionals, the European Parliament Audiovisual Website gives easy access to the diverse media (audio, video and photo) produced by the European Parliament.  It also explains the extensive range of AV facilities, how to get accreditation, book facilities or order archive material from our media library.  All the information to facilitate coverage of the activities of the European Parliament is compiled here in one website.


The audiovisual website is intended to make life easier for media professionals wanting to cover the activities of the European Parliament and access its services and facilities all in one place. The site is also built around a powerful FTP server which allows the fast and smooth transferral of heavy files, in particular video material in broadcast quality.


Anyone can register on the website although it mainly targets media professionals, NGOs, teachers, students, MEPs, staff of the European Parliament and other EU institutions. There are three profiles available on the registration page: one for general users, one for media professionals and one for MEPs which give access to different services.


The content on the website is visible to everyone. To download material and have access to the facilities, you must register. The information requested for the registration procedure, in particular of media professionals, corresponds to the usual information required for traditional accreditation at the European Parliament.


Go to the registration page via the register here button (top right corner of the home page). After you fill in the registration form, you will receive an email with an activation link. If you do not receive this mail check your SPAM folder or contact the web team at audiovisual.website@europarl.europa.eu.


There is a forgotten password link in the upper right corner of the website.
Enter your email address (which you always use as a login) and the system will send you a new password.


Go to your Personal Workspace and click on My profile. At the bottom is a Change your password option.


One single account gives you access to all media and facilities.



2 - Information for media professionals


The news alert highlights the priorities of EP activities and the media packages we offer to professionals on a weekly basis. EbS coverage is also announced, live or recorded.


Media packages contain illustrative footage, photo and audio related to the news item highlighted in the news alert. Media packages can also include Infoclips, stockshots, B-rolls, audio statements, photos, europarlTV items etc.


Media professionals can consult upcoming events in news alert section on the top right by clicking on the view all button at the bottom of the section.



3 - The FTP / Personal Workspace, downloading and uploading


It allows you to download files easily and offers the best way of sending large files from one computer to another over the internet.


It is a special folder created for you on our audiovisual server when you register as a media professional. It acts as a 'virtual external hard drive'. All files you select to download or request from our Media Library are sent to your personal workspace.


If you need to upload any material to the AV website, these are the steps to be followed:

  1. Register through the AV Website
  2. Send us an email with your user name
  3. We will enable your account to FTP upload
  4. Once you are enbaled, you will need to follow this procedure:

          - Run the program for FTP client (such as FileZilla, FTP Voyager...)
          - Fill the eventual pop-up window with the following information:

              FTP Site: ftp.audiovisual.europarl.europa.eu
              User ID: the email you registered with
              Password: the password you chose

          - Go to PERSONAL / OUT / Content manager / archivestv@europarl.europa.eu
          - Drag and drop the files

Note: please consider that the system only accepts files, NO FOLDER. If you want to send folders, you must zip them first.


Yes, the same account can be used by different people by sharing the username and password. For the registration form it is therefore advisable to use a generic mailbox (e.g. info@.....) and not your personal mail address.


The requested media files are erased after 15 days.



2 formats in mpg4-H264 codec: High resolution (4Mb/sec) and Low resolution (460kb/sec)

Formats: .jpg .eps and .gif
Quality: we only distribute print quality format

Formats: Digital MP3 for files with original language version
High resolution (bit rate 128 kb/sec) or Low resolution

ASF available for files containing an audio track of other languages (interpreter's voice-over)


Yes, just select the items you need and add them to your cart; then go to 'my selection' and download them all in one go.


Take a look in your SPAM folder or contact the web team at audiovisual.website@europarl.europa.eu.


In specific cases you can upload files using our FTP server. If you need FTP upload enabled, please contact us.



4 - Media Library


The Media Library is the service responsible of the archives of the Audiovisual Unit. All footage stored is also available to journalists.


No, at the moment only part of our vast collection (which spans almost 60 years of European history) is on our website and it is mainly related to the activities of the 7th legislative term (2009-2014). You can also find a selection of items on historical events in the timeline section, under Photo > Media > Historic, Video > Media > Historic or Audio > Media > Historic.


You can search for archive material first through the search engine of the site and refine your search through various filters. If you are unable to find what you are looking for please follow the instructions below:

Fill in the request form that you can find on Facilities (top menu) > Need archive material? > Request material.
You may need to be registered to access this form.

Photos from 1960 until now are being digitalised and added to the website database.
If you cannot find a photo you are looking for, please contact: photobookings@ep.europa.eu

At this stage only a selection of audio files is available on the website.
If you can not find a file you are looking for, please contact: radiobookings@ep.europa.eu


Yes, we can offer you copies of archive material on various support types and file formats according to your request via the website.


- Support: Beta SP, Beta SX, DV Cam, DVC Pro,

File Format: AVI, DV25, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Quicktime, WMV
When completing the request form in the Media Library section, you can specify the use of the material (web or broadcast editing) and the means of sending the material.

Please contact: photobookings@ep.europa.eu

Please contact: radiobookings@ep.europa.eu



5- Copyright


Unless otherwise indicated, all the material available on the European Parliament AV website is European Union copyrighted: © European Union,2016


All the material available on the website is offered free of charge for EU-related information and educational purposes (unless otherwise specified). For commercial use prior agreement must be obtained from the Media Library of the European Parliament. The sale or loan of this material for profit is prohibited. Indication of origin is requested in the credit: © European Union,2016



6 - Accreditations, assistance


You can get accreditation via the website. Log in as a media professional to find the accreditation form under About us/Accreditation - Planning a visit. Send us the filled in form and you will receive notification by email. You can collect your accreditation on the day of your arrival.

 Send an email to avaccreditations@ep.europa.eu


Yes, even if you have permanent accreditation to the EP you still need to be accredited by the Audiovisual Unit to be able to film and photograph.


Yes, the guidelines are stipulated in the 'Rules governing photographers and television crews inside the buildings of the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg', which you can find at the bottom of your accreditation form. You will need to sign a copy of the rules upon your arrival at the Parliament.



7 - Bookings


Our facilities are provided free of charge to all accredited media professionals, subject tocertain terms and conditions of use and availability, which you can find on the website in the Rules section of the drop down menu of the Video button in the Top menu.


Request for technical assistance will be met on a 'first come, first served' basis and must meet the following conditions of use:

for news coverage of the European Parliament and its activities

for coverage of MEPs

for coverage of ongoing themes and/or topical issues related to the activities of the European Parliament



Television facilities are available to media professionals. Pre-booking requests should be submitted through the website by filling in the form under Facilities in the top menu. For subsequent bookings, you should always log on before booking online. Your personal data is automatically stored in the system. You will receive notification by e-mail that we have received your request. If you encounter problems with your online booking or to check availability you can contact the TV Bookings team directly:

Telephone: 0032 2 28 42010

Email: tvbookings@ep.europa.eu.

Photo shoot

Media professionals, MEPs, EP services and other EU institutions are allowed to book a photo shoot. Photo bookings should be made by filling in the online booking form via the website. The forms can be found in the Photo section of the top menu.

Telephone: 0032 2 28 42896

Email: photobookings@ep.europa.eu

Voxbox/Radio studios

Media professionals and MEPs are allowed to book the Voxbox facilities and radio studios. Voxbox bookings should be made by filling in the online booking form via the website. The form can be found in the Audio section of the top menu. You will receive notification by e-mail that we have received your request. The Voxbox/Radio team will contact you for confirmation.

Telephone Radio Service: 0032 2 28 44401
Telephone VoxBox: 0032 2 28 32200

Email Radio Service: radiobookings@ep.europa.eu

Email VoxBox: VoxBox@europarl.europa.eu


Either you have forgotten to log in (as a media professional) or your time has expired and you have to log in again.



8 - Links to other sources of information, other EU Institutions


The AV website and EuroparlTV are complementary: the AV website targets media professionals and provides mostly unedited material, while EuroparlTV is aimed at the general public and provides ready-to-broadcast videos addressed to a general audience.

The AV Website's texts are drafted in English; EuroparlTV items are subtitled in 23 languages.

The AV website is the main gate for booking facilities and services provided by the EP's Audiovisual Service while EuroparlTV does not offer this opportunity.
The AV website showcases EuroparlTV videos on the homepage.


You can access the AV website from the Europarl general website (www.europarl.europa.eu), through the News section or the Video section, under the quick link More > Audiovisual Websiteon the right top bar of the page.


The audiovisual website provides live replays and video extracts from certain events related to the European Parliament, while EP Live Streaming and VOD (Video On Demand) refer to the web broadcasting of events filmed on the premises of the European Parliament. You can watch them either live, or in recorded format on the EP TV website (www.europarl.europa.eu/ep-live/). The live broadcast is called LIVE and the recorded broadcast is called VOD. You can also access this service via EuroparlTV website by clicking on the EPTV button in the top menu of the website.



9 - Helpdesk & support


Contact details (telephone numbers and email addresses) can be found under the About us section and also throughout the different specific sections. You can also contact the web team at audiovisual.website@ep.europa.eu.



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