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Photo Facilities in Brussels


In Brussels, the European Parliament's Audiovisual Unit offers a range of photographic services, together with the necessary crew, for MEPs, media professionals and internal services interested in covering the activities of the institution.

Booking requests are subject to validation as they must be in line with the priorities set by the Editorial Committee.

We work on a first-come, first-served basis and facilities are free of charge. Our crew of professional photographers offers tailor-made quality pictures to match with the requestors wish.

The photo library contains more than 360.000 photographs (news, historical events, graphic illustrations and stockshots) in electronic format. The pictures are offered free of charge on the audiovisual website of the Parliament to any registered user.

Photo reportage on request

The Photo Service answers directly to MEPs, journalists and civil servants in need of pictures.
All pictures taken by the EP Photo Service are published on the Audiovisual website are offered free of charge for download to its registered users.

Photo coverage includes :
•    Parliamentary committees, press conferences, hearings …
•    Plenary sessions
•    Portraits of Members on EP premises in Brussels
•    Activities of the EP President
•    European thematic (stockshot images)
•    ID Portraits of civil servants in the context of their work only

* Please note that taking pictures in bars and restaurants is forbidden according to the Audiovisual guidelines edited by the Bureau.
Requests for the coverage of cocktails, working lunch, exhibition, film screenings will not be accepted.

Photo Studio:

Official portraits of Members on a white background are taken in the photo studio located in the JAN building.
Appointments in the studio must be arranged by phone +32 2 28 42896.
The Photo Studio is open from 9.30 to 11.30 am and from 15.00 to 16.30 pm


•    Booking requests must be addressed at least 72 hours (3 working days) prior to the event.
•    Email your request to photobookings@ep.europa.eu specifying : name of the requestor, contact details of the person in charge, type of images needed.
•    On-line photobooking form available to registered users who have been granted the booking 'privilege' on the audiovisual website.

Pictures are selected, edited, documented and archived to ensure the continued existence of the photo library of he European Parliament.
The requestor is to provide accurate information regarding the event to cover(official TITLE of the event along with full names of participants) in order to allow quick editing and publishing.


Vector illsutrations of European thematics along with European maps are available on the website. Files are delivered both in .jpg and .AI format.


Historical images

The photo library contains images that go back to the 1950's. We invite you to browse through...



Brussels +32 2 28 42896
Strasbourg +33 3 881 74799