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Multimedia Facilities in Brussels

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In Brussels, the European Parliament's Audiovisual Unit offers a range of broadcasting facilities, together with the necessary crew, for media professionals interested in covering the activities of the institution.
We work on a first-come, first-served basis and facilities are free of charge. Our facilities are operational to cater to all European prime time news slots.

Stand Up videos:

-    For short statements or interview recordings
-    HD cameras for web and TV
-    Autocue/Teleprompter (to read the text from the screen)
-    Editing 
-    Skype live connection (with a PC)

Stand Up Video in an open space
Location: ASP 3rd floor
  Virtual background studio
Location: studio 5, JAN Building -1, radio area

Multimedia studio :

- For debates and interviews 
- Four remote cameras
- Autocue/Teleprompter
- Recording, StreamingGoogle Hangout
Telephone line and ear-plug for duplex interviews (REC)
- 3 interpretation booths available (Studio 1)

Multimedia Studio Voxbox
Location: open space, ASP 3rd floor

  Multimedia Studio 1
Location: Studio 1, JAN Building -1, radio area

Booking :

-    Sen an email to voxbox@ep.europa.eu specifying : name of the media, contact details of the person in charge, number and names of the guests on the set and duration of the video.

-    Important: if the video is for a media, the media should directly contact us, not the office of the MEP.