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All EU countries must take their fair share of asylum seekers
EU countries refusing to relocate asylum seekers should have reduced access to EU funds, say MEPs in Parliament's draft negotiating mandate on new Dublin rules.

The Civil Liberties Committee on Thursday passed its proposal for a new Dublin regulation, the corner stone of the EU asylum system.

The main points of the reform:
- automatic relocation of all asylum seekers according to a fixed distribution key
- all asylum seekers to be registered upon arrival
- security checks to be stepped up
Public confidence in the EU and its Parliament continues to grow
The share of EU citizens who believe that their country has benefitted from EU membership is 64%, an increase of four percentage points compared to 2016.

A clear majority of EU citizens now believe that EU membership is good for their country, suggests the European Parliament's latest Parlemeter poll. At 57%, this share is almost back at its pre-crisis level. The 2017 Parlemeter pollsters interviewed 27,881 citizens in the 28 member states.

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Posted workers: better protection and fair conditions for all

Workers posted in another EU country have to get the same remuneration, including bonuses, as local workers. New draft rules to ensure that posted workers are better protected and fair competition for companies were adopted by the Employment and Social Affairs Committee with 32 votes to 8 and 13 abstentions.

The main changes agreed by MEPs concern remuneration, duration of the posting and temporary agencies.

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