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Glyphosate: citizens' call for a ban up for a debate
A European Citizens' initiative petition calling for an EU-wide ban on herbicide glyphosate is being discussed on Monday with the petitioners and the European Commission.

Public hearing organised by the Environment, Petitions, Industry and Agriculture committees starts at 15:00.

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Asylum: EP votes in favour of starting talks to reform Dublin rules
A broad majority of MEPs endorsed the mandate in a vote on Thursday (390 to 175, with 44 abstentions). Parliament can now begin talks with the Council as soon as EU member states have agreed their own negotiating position.

With the reform, the country in which an asylum seeker first arrives would no longer be automatically and solely responsible for processing his or her asylum application. Instead, asylum seekers should be spread amongst all EU countries.
Parliament passes new anti-dumping rules
The European Parliament passed tougher rules to fight dumped and subsidised imports from third countries on Wednesday. 

For the first time worldwide, EU trade rules will require trade partners outside the EU to meet international social and environmental standards, to prevent dumping. The aim is to step up protection for EU jobs and businesses against unfairly cheap imports from third countries that interfere heavily in the economy.

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