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Panama Papers: Debate with Commissioner Moscovici
The Committee of Inquiry into the Panama Papers scandal (PANA) will hear Taxation Commissioner Pierre Moscovici on Wednesday on progress made by the EU in fighting tax evasion. MEPs and a representative of the international Financial Action Task Force will discuss international standards for anti-money laudering measures.
Parliament in Session. EU - US data protection deal adopted
The EU - US "Umbrellla Agreement" on the protection of personal data exchanged for law enforcement purposes was adopted on Thursday by the European Parliament. It aims to ensure high, binding data protection standards for data exchanged by police and law enforcement authorities. The agreement was signed between the European Commission and the US in June, but needs Parliament's consent to enter into force.
Economic Dialogue with Jeroen Dijsselbloem
Dutch Finanace Minister and Eurogroup President, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, is discussing recent economic and financial developpments in the Euro area after the US Presidential elections, with the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.