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Infoclip: EU budget - Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020 - EP vote
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Short description The long-term budget determines EU expenditure for the next seven years, broken down by policy area. Member states decided to cut the long-term budget - also known as the multiannual frame work - by 3.4% or €34 billion, partly by reducing planned funding for investment in infrastructure, broadband, research and digitalisation. The Summit agreement has to be approved by MEPs before it can enter into force. Parliament will enter into discussions with the Council before voting on the spending plans. This Infoclip illustrates the main part of the EU budget - Preservation and management of natural ressources : CAP / Fishery (44%). - Cohesion policy for growth and employment : Structural funds and employment. (33%) - Competitiveness for growth and employment : training policy, education, research and technology (10%). - The EU as a global player : aid to the developping countries (5%).
Duration 08:40
Reference 92810
Production format Pre-edited
Format 16:9
Copyright © European Union, 2013
Filename ebs92810[Lo-VI].mp4
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