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Infoclip: Personal data of airline passengers
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Event date 23/10/2013
Short description This ifoclip illustrates booking a flight on computer, Airport terminal, in Paris, France, Check-in and boarding.
Duration 04:57
Reference 91660
Background Parliament forced the renegotiation of a deal with the US on access to the personal data of airline passengers in May 2010 in order to tighten privacy safeguards. When EU passengers travel to the US and Australia the authorities of those countries are able to store details such as names, addresses or credit card numbers. But MEPs secured stricter limits to the data retention periods and stronger safeguards to avoid abuse. For example, the authorities do not have direct access to the air carriers' databases. A similar agreement is currently being negotiated between the EU and Canada. This stockshot illustrates a woman booking flight on internet, going to the desk of Air Transat (Canadian company) at the airport of Paris and taking the plane. This shooting took place in June 2013.
Format 16:9
Copyright © European Union 2015
Filename ebs91660[LO-VI].mp4
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