Draft amending budget 6/2012 and 2013 Budget: extracts from the debate
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Event date 11/12/2012
Short description - Exterior view of the EP, Starsbourg - Statement by Francesca BALZANI, (S&D,IT) Rapporteur - Statements by Giovanni LA VIA (EPP, IT), Rapporteur - Statements by Derek VAUGHAN, (S&D, UK), Rapporteur - Statement by Loucas LOUCA, European Council - Statement by Janusz LEWANDOWSKI - Statements by Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP,FR) - Statement by Elder GARDIAZABAL RUBIAL (S&D, SP) - Statement by Helga TRUPEL (Grees/ALE, DE) - Cutaways, Hemicycle
Duration 04:52
Reference 89783
Background The Parliament debated the 2012/2013 budget package, agreed in negotiations with the Council. The package comprises a solution to the funding shortfall in 2012, the figures and priorities for 2013 and three declarations setting out how to deal with future shortfalls in the budget. The final vote will take place on Wednesday.

More on EU budget: EU budget process explained
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