EP vote on the minimum standards for the reception of asylum seekers: extracts from the vote, statement by Antonio MASIP HIDALGO (S&D, ES), rapporteur
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Event date 19/09/2012
Duration 03:14
Reference 86776
Background Asylum seekers in the EU would be better protected, and would not be transferred to EU countries where there is a risk of inhuman or degrading treatment, under changes to EU asylum legislation endorsed by the Civil Liberties Committee.

The changes would update the "Dublin" regulation, which lays down criteria for determining which member state is responsible for examining an application for international protection. This is necessary to prevent asylum seekers from filing multiple applications or applying to a state of their choice after transiting through other EU countries. The regulation also precludes situations in which asylum seekers are sent from one state to another, with none accepting responsibility. Usually, the country deemed responsible is that through which the asylum seeker first entered the EU.

Parliament is expected to adopt the new law by the end of the year. For more information read the press release: Asylum seekers: no transfers to EU countries unable to protect human rights
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