Member States in the euro area (Two-pack): extracts from statements by the rapporteurs
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Event date 12/06/2012
Duration 05:14
Reference 84823
Background One day before a plenary vote on the latest economic governance legislation, dubbed the 'two pack', MEPs took the opportunity on Tuesday to state their views on how the rules should be better designed, not only to improve the management of deficits and debt, but also to foster economic growth, greater accountability and democratic checks.

The debate focused mainly on some of  Parliament's most innovative draft changes to the Commission's proposals, such as setting up a European Redemption Fund, which would pool a part of the Eurozone's debt, a growth facility worth around €100 billion for infrastructure investments, a roadmap for Eurobonds, and legal protection for countries on the verge of default.

See press release: Economic governance "two pack" dominates morning debates
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