European Council: statement by Martin SCHULZ, EP President and extracts from the press conference and statement by Martin SCHULZ, EP President
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Event date 27/06/2013
Short description - Arrival of EP President Martin SCHULZ and Ambience shots before the round table meeting starts. - Press conference with statement Martin SCHULZ, EP President
Duration 04:22
Reference 93982
Background EP Presiden Martin SCHULZ addressed the heads of state and government at the June European Council, which is expected to agree on a number of new measures to combat youth unemployment, such as frontloading the Youth Employment Initiative of EUR 6 bn to ensure that the support is ready as of January 2014. This should help ensure the maximum impact of the Youth Employment Initiative that targets regions with a youth unemployment rate of more than 25%. On his speech to the heads of state and government, President SCHULZ said: "Without a banking union we cannot win back public faith, placate the markets, guarantee sustainable economic development and generate growth. The European Parliament intends to make sure that no more banks have to be bailed out with taxpayer's money, that all EU citizens enjoy the same degree of legal certainty and that an arbitrary approach to regulation does not jeopardise the internal market." He added: "The way the Economic Recovery Plan has been implemented can be summed up in one word: pitiful. Against this background, you will understand why I am now urging you to tackle the youth employment initiative in a serious way. Releasing EUR 6 billion to fund this new youth employment initiative is a start; but, as we are all only too well aware, that six billion is just a drop in the ocean. According to International Labour Organisation estimates, EUR 21 billion will be needed to implement the Youth Job Guarantee properly."
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