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Parliament in Session. Reactions to Tusk's “UK in EU” proposal dominate pre-summit debate
Social benefits for migrant workers in the UK, honesty versus populism and how to ensure respect for different countries' views on EU integration were the key issues raised by Parliament's political group leaders in today’s debate, with a view to the UK’s forthcoming EU membership referendum. The debate is Parliament's input to the 18-19 February EU summit, which will also focus on migration.

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Parliament in Session. Schengen debate
The EU needs to overcome its paralysing fears and divisions and to manage migration and refugee flows effectively, said many MEPs in Tuesday's plenary debate with the Dutch Presidency and the Commission. Protecting the EU's external borders effectively is vital to safeguard
the Schengen passport-free area, they observed. Some also called for zero tolerance with racist and violent attacks against migrants and refugees.

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Parliament in Session. Corporate taxation
Corporate tax avoidance costs EU countries €50-70 billion in lost revenue a year, according to the European Commission. On 2 February it discussed with MEPs how it plans to make corporate taxation fairer and more efficient. The Lux Leaks scandal showed that EU countries sometimes court multinationals with advantageous tax schemes. Parliament has set up two special committees to investigate and called on the Commission to introduce legislation to restrain these practices.

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