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Martin Schulz, EP President met with Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary
EP President Martin Schulz met with Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, this morning to discuss the EU Migration crisis.  President Schulz reiterated to Prime Minister Orbán that the crisis needs an urgent EU-wide solidarity solution which "honours our humanitarian duty". 

After the meeting a joint press conference was held.  Video and audio of the entire press conference are available for download here, as well as professional quality photos.
Passenger Name Record
Acts of terror in Paris and Copenhagen, as well as the crisis in the Middle East and Ukraine, have put security issues back at the top of the political agenda. Security specialists and the member states are calling for EU-wide rules on Passenger Name Record (PNR), a measure which would require more systematic collection, use and retention of data on international airline passengers. However, some MEPs are concerned about such a system jeopardising rights to privacy and data protection.

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Special committee on tax rulings
Launched in February 2015, the Parliament's special committee on tax rulings looks into allegations that some member states are using special tax regimes that favour large corporations. Once finished, the 45-member committee will present its findings and recommendations in a final report that is expected to be voted on by all MEPs during the November plenary.

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