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Panama Papers inquiry: hearing with investigative journalists
The EP's Panama Papers inquiry committee held a hearing on Tuesday with the investigative journalists who revealed the scandal. The investigative journalists, cooperating through the Washington based International Consortium for Investigative Journalism, explained their findings which are based on 2.6 terabytes of leaked information compromising banks, heads of state, ministers, criminals and other clients of Mossack Fonseca, a company offering anonymity services and low tax solutions.

Press release
Monetary Dialogue with Mario Draghi
The recovery in the euro area is expected to continue at a moderate and steady pace, but slower than envisaged in June due to a lower foreign demand outlook, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi told Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee members. On the positive side, he said that the euro area economy showed resilience to global and political uncertainty, notably following the UK referendum outcome.

Press release Euro area economy showed resilience after UK referendum, Mario Draghi tells MEPs

Official visit to the UK by EP President Martin Schulz
EP President Martin Schulz met UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on Thursday in London. Still in London and on Friday, President Schulz met Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and delivered a speech on “The EU and Britain – parting ways but working together” at the London School of Economics (LSE).